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What is Social Media?

Social media, in general terms, is a derived concept with the introduction of Web 2.0 to user service. It refers to the whole of internet-based digital media systems that allow two-way and simultaneous information sharing from one-way information sharing in the digital environment. In other respects, social media; It is the whole of the dialogues, photo shares and other shares that people make with each other or with a community on the internet. Thanks to digital social networks, websites that allow people to share content and information with each other, and applications written for this purpose, everyone can reach the content they are interested in as a result of searches. Dialogues and sharing between small groups gradually increase the production of "user-based content", which is technically called UGC-User Generated Content in English, and turns amateur content into a value in the digital world.

With the development of the mobile base, it is a form of human communication where sharing and discussion are the main purpose, without time and place limitations. You meet and communicate with people on social media platforms. You can ask your own questions to individuals or communities and get answers to their questions. You can help promote your products and contribute to their sales. In this respect, social media is one of the ways to obtain informal information.

What is Social Media Management? What are we doing?

We enable you to announce your message to the masses in the best way, in line with the evaluations of your social media accounts' academic posts so far, and the service you have provided through these posts or the product you have sold. In the simplest terms, our aim is to reach more people from various blood types. The general aim is to ensure viral spread. It is to create the Social Media language in the best way according to the masses that follow you, to update this language over time according to this new audience, which is very shy, to ensure that the right verbal, graphical and video-based shares are formed in a way that will attract the attention of these audiences. Social Media Management It provides the opportunity to promote with demographic advertisements to large masses, which has also taken its place among digital communication methods. Accurate targeting can be done with ads that can be used as a part of Social Media management. In these contexts, we are working to ensure that your accounts are shared by professional teams in constant communication with you, increasing the number of likes and followers, brand awareness or product sales.

The areas to be studied to create a language in Social Media can be categorized as follows; Work to be determined For politics: A political institution or politician (Deputy, mayor, etc.) For artists: Voice artist, actor or actress, model, TV series player, music group speaker, etc. In a way, for corporate brands: food, wholesale production, textile fashion, bank, etc. and thousands of other groups are categorized and studies are carried out according to these categories.

Social Media Management for Sectors?

As each Sector is divided into tabs within itself, there are administrative differences for Sectors in Social Media management. Creating a language according to the type of industry, observing user experiences and it is necessary to show sensitivity according to the legal sanctions in the health and legal sectors.

Social media management for the Health Sector (for doctors, private hospitals and clinics)

Health sector Social Media is one of the most difficult areas of managerial difficulty. In these days when health tourism has started to develop rapidly in our country, management on an institutional basis (Private hospital private health facilities) is technically and legally Although it is more comfortable to follow, Doctor and clinic-based social media management is very difficult in terms of 3-legged transactions and their transformation into customer satisfaction. Short-term management should not be seen as a measurement tool, and success should be measured with the measurement obtained as a result of at least 1 year of work. These studies can be divided into domestic and international if necessary. It should be done in accordance with the audit that can benefit from health tourism incentives, and separate marketing strategies should be used for health tourism, which has many fields in itself, such as hair transplantation, medical aesthetic plastic surgery.

Social media management specific to the textile industry

The textile sector is one of the locomotive sectors of our country. With rapidly developing digital platforms and marketing in this direction, following the world trends in the sector, visual In terms of branding or sales, digital marketing techniques should be used with a management approach that is of high quality and gives confidence to its customers.

Social Media Ads?

Social Media advertisements offer advertising areas where you can optimize user habits and interests for the sale of products and services.

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