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What is Web Design?
Website design is a platform that will introduce your company to your target audience on the internet.
Why is Web Design Important?
With the developing communication technologies, the importance of the digital environment has increased even more. The website helps your company to be found more easily and to be better known.
Why Should I Get Anatolia System Web Design?
vIn line with your wishes, we produce trend and mobile compatible designs by keeping your corporate identity in the foreground. We also provide support after web design.
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Seo is an algorithmic study for your website to rank higher in organic searches on Google.
What are the benefits of SEO?
Since your website will rank higher in Google organic searches, your site will receive more visitors. As a result, your number of customers and popularity will increase.
Why should I have Anatolia System SEO?
With the Search Engine Optimization process to be performed on your website by our fully equipped SEO experts, you will rank higher in organic searches.
What is Google Ads?
It is an advertising platform that allows you to advertise on the Google search engine. With Google advertising, you can reach your target audience quickly and increase the number of your customers.
What are Google Ad Types?
It is divided into two as Google Text Ads and Google Display Ads. Visual and video ads are also included in Display Ads. Also gmail ads are included in Google Ads.
Are you a Google Partner Agency?
There are various certification exams to become a Google AdWords Partner. Our agency passed these exams as a result of the certificates it received.It is entitled to become a Google Partner Agency.
What is Social Media?
Social Media is the whole of conversations, photo shares and other shares that people make with each other or with a community on the internet.
What is Social Media Management?
Social Media Management is the strategic planning created for your brands on social platforms in order to reach the right target audience.
What Kind of Advantages Does Social Media Management Provide You?
It provides you great advantages in Brand Promotion, Brand Awareness, Reflecting Brand Values, Business Marketing, Competition Management, Attracting Customers and Reaching the Goal in a Short Time.
Why should I have Anatolia System do Social Media Management?
Your social campaigns will be determined and managed interactively on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram … with analysis, monitoring, tracking and reporting methods. We aim to make it a year in which your company will increase its market share and strengthen its strategy in digital channels with daily, weekly and monthly setups. It will be a channel where accurate targeting can be done in the process that speaks to the user and affects decision-making.
What is Hosting?
Hosting is the hosting of your files on servers so that your website can be accessed over the internet.
What are Anatolia System's DNS?
The following DNSs belong to our servers.