Google Ad Pricing

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Google Ad Pricing

Many businesses have reached potential customers, increased their sales and gained more customers thanks to Google AdWords ads with a certain amount of budget. With its very simple working principle, Google ads have a structure that can be used by all large and small businesses. There are 2 different payment methods, manually or automatically. You can have your ads published with a minimum payment of 14 TL.

How Much Do I Pay When My Ad Is Clicked?

When you choose cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you pay for every click on your ads. With each click, your budget in your ad account decreases and when it is finished, your ads stop running. For campaigns using CPC bidding, you must also set a maximum cost-per-click bid. Max. CPC is the highest amount you're willing to pay for a click on your ad.

To be in the first row or at any point on the first page, max. You can determine the CPC based on the estimated data. The max. You don't spend the CPC bid on every click. This determination is made to maintain top rank as a result of the auction, which changes from time to time.

What is an Auction?

An ad enters an auction that determines which page and rank it will rank on every Google search. There are 2 factors that are effective in this auction, which is entered with competing ads;

  • 1. Quality score
  • 2. Max. CPC

In the auction, these factors determine whether the ad will actually be shown and in which ad position on the page it will be shown.

The auction works like this:

  • 1. When a user searches, the AdWords system finds all ads with keywords matching that search.
  • 2. The system selects the appropriate ads.
  • 3. Ads with high Ad Rank are shown.

Ad Rank; max. CPC bid is a combination of quality score, ad rank thresholds, the content of the user's search, and other ad formats such as extensions.

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is the most important factor affecting ad ranking. The landing page of your ad is determined as a number between 1 and 10 assigned by the system, taking into account the relevance and click-through rate of your ad.

Even if you bid higher than a competitor, if you don't have keywords and ads that are highly relevant, you won't be able to outrank their ads for a higher price. Improving the quality score allows ads to appear higher at a lower cost.