Mobile Application

Our mobile applications are first theoretically designed by our business analysis teams. Then, the design is poured into the diagram by our professional graphic design teams and the design framework is created step by step.
When the design of the full application is completed, our software teams first perform the front end and then the back end operations.

In the last case, application tests are also made and delivered.


Marketplace App

Marketplaces, as the name suggests, is an online marketplace. Marketplaces is an online platform that brings together buyers and sellers, unlike E-Commerce..
It enables companies to present and sell their products to users as members.

News App

There is something new happening every minute. It is very difficult to follow them through newspapers or television. news sites and applications come to our aid here. However, since we cannot open news sites every minute, news applications remain the most beautiful and practical solution. By turning on the notifications in the news applications we download to our phone, we are informed about the last minute developments wherever we are.

Real Estate Application

Thanks to real estate applications and real estate sites, we can reach the house for sale and rental ads we are looking for without leaving our house, without having to visit real estate agents.

Currency - Gold Tracking Application

Thanks to these applications, you can follow the fluctuations in the exchange rate every minute. By turning on your notifications, the developments in the exchange rate will come to you as a notification even if you do not follow them.

Cleaner Finding App

Finding a cleaner application is an online platform that brings together cleaners and those who want to have their house or workplace cleaned. Thanks to this application, you can select cleaners and set tariff prices. You can also score the cleaners.

Dada Memory Game

Dada memory game is a mobile game that allows you to exercise your mind and have fun at the same time. You can download it from all application markets, especially Google Play and App Store.