What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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What is SEO?

Seo consists of the initials of the word Search Engine Optimization in English. It covers the work done to rank sites or pages higher in search engines.

The main purpose of SEO is search engine optimization, that is, it is listed at the top of the search engines. This purpose is to ensure that the information, services or sales on the sites are delivered to more interested audiences.

Seo is the art of reaching web popularity that sites cannot reach naturally, using natural-looking methods. This web popularity also brings with it an increase in Google rankings.

How is SEO done? – popularity

SEO is a kind of natural art of gaining popularity. The experts who provide this popularity in the most natural ways are considered the best seo experts.

We can express the word popularity with the word being famous for the web world. Being listed high on Google is the best type of ad. However, being listed at the top is actually possible by advertising. In short, as a result of all the promotions and advertisements you make to make your site popular, your site rises to the top.

Google understands that a site is becoming popular from the regular increase in the number of visitors and from the links and information sharing about the site. As the channels and number of these shares increase, the popularity becomes more natural and solid.

The popularity of a site is evaluated from the moment it is opened, and its development is directly reflected in the search engine results.

How is SEO done? – Naturalness

Naturalness is the keyword in seo studies. Google upgrade logic is based on natural popularity. In this understanding of natural popularity, artificial situations are noticed and ignored. The large number of these artificial studies is not only ignored, but also considered negatively and this negative effect is reflected in the ranking.

In the understanding of natural popularity, sharing and all seo work should be seen as work done without the knowledge of the site owner. In this way, the impression is created that users find the site useful and share various shares.

Sharing an article on the site in forums, social media, bookmarking sites, etc. in environments that contribute to seo should have the impression that it is done by the user, and the fact that the sites are useful sites that really serve the user should be created.

The most important feature that forms the basis of the perception of naturalness is diversity. This is why single-handed work does not seem natural. For this reason, the diversity of criteria such as the structure, time, application form and number of the studies ensures the natural and permanent rise of the site.